Saturday, November 30, 2002

First we build towns on water, then we start moaning cos of that...aren't we DUMB???

Venice, Italy


Fatty Friar

(this is a test.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Dumb Laws in Italy:

- It is illegal to practice the profession of charlantry.
- A man may be arrested for wearing a skirt. (*)
- Striking someone with a fist is considered a felony.

(*) go ask that guy off Chumbawamba, who got arrested a few years back cos he was shopping in Milan wearing a kilt...

(Thanks to StefanSia and, according to the transversal law of cross-blogging, to Mr Graham Norton, too...)


Holy burps.
I couldn't believe it when I read this...surely nobody sane would do a Google search for "porca puzzola", would they??

Plus, I'm 100% sure my Technologies of Architecture professor from last year asked this term's students to study the Commerzbank Tower by Sir Norman Foster too - AGAIN.

P.s.: Se qualcuno degli studenti del prof. Giovanni Morabito [detto Nanni...] legge queste righe, può mandarmi un'email: l'anno scorso la Commerzbank toccò a me!!! :)

Monday, November 25, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.47

1. Have you ever made a wish that came true?
Not sure, to be honest.

2. How about any wishes that you are happy never came true?
There is a wonderful, wonderful buddhist saying I read somewhere, it goes There's no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.. If one just spends his time *wishing for* happiness and not trying to *be* happy, that's just a waste of time, IMHO.

3. Do you like who you are? Are you the person you hoped you would become?
Overall, I'm not that bad a person, I must admit. I'm pretty shy in person but people generally like me, I don't tend to change my behaviour depending on whom I'm facing, and I guess people understand that in the end. I only wish I had better taste (so to speak) in men, it seems I always bump into the wrong ones. :( Oh, whatever. Can't have everything.

4. I recently found some job applications that I never turned in. Back in 1986 I intended to apply at "County Seat" and "Chess King" but got an offer from Penny's (where I worked all through college). It was a good thing, since only one of the three is still around. Have you ever applied for positions, or had any interviews, where you later are glad you never got the job?
Yes. About 2 weeks ago. University assistant. Assistant of a dumb professor, it later turned out to be. V. glad I'm too smart he relised I'd have put professor in the shadow...tee-hee! No, seriously, I was given the opportunity to become an assistant at the architecture department of my university, but I luckily understood in time it wasn't worth the hassle, as the professor is one of those who thinks nobody can do things better than him, that everybody's a dork bar him etc. - that must be why he's always been and *still* is assistent-less!!! ;-P

5. While on the topic of career opportunities, what was your very first "real" job? What job was the most embarrassing?
I guess first "real" job has to be junior designer at a small studio soon after I started university. No embarrassing jobs so far. I've been lucky. :)

6. Speaking of news, have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? Such as being in the newspaper, on television, linked on a high-profile site or otherwise caught in the spotlight of the media?
Nope...not yet!:)

7. In the USA, many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving this week. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving (or something like it)? Do you enjoy getting together will your extended family for these types of celebrations?
here in Italy we celebrate a lot of stuff, and it's a couple of years it seems both Halloween and Thanksgiving day are catching up as well...only trouble is our ovens aren't big enough too cook an entire turkey (freedom for turkeys!!! ;-P). Spookily enuff, right this morning I posted something about my extended fambly on my Italian blog - if everybody turned up, there would be SIXTY-THREE people around my table!!! And that's just family from my mother's branch (from dad's side it's just a 93 year old grandpa, two uncles and their wives, and four cousins with no children.) would be nice, but would also be a complete nightmare at the same time, can you imagine what a mess??

BONUS: Where is the tenderness?
Not found out yet. Have you tried in the third drawer from top?

Friday, November 22, 2002

There goes the countdown to my birthday - the darn thing started messing up, so that it turned out I was born on Christmas day...close enough, but not correct. As it's already annoying enough to be born so close to Christmas, I decided to delete the countdown thingy. Period.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Sorry, I'm neglecting this blog.

Need psychological support, tho. Bad karma on my enlarged fambly (beloved auntie Raffaella is not well. And she's not the zillions years old kind of auntie, she's just fortysomething. And she's not well. That's not fair. Can't say more.). So if you can tell me something nice and cuddling, nonsense, something funny, that's more than welcome.


On a lighter, silly, more nonsense note (cos I need it), here's what they found in a medieval church in Austria:

Proof that Walt Disney copied the idea from a XIV century artist...


More nonsense:

As I'm not so updated re: British stuff these days, I found it pretty amusing to find out Mark Owen (yeppers, it's always him, ex-Take That dwarf-sized bloke...) is one of the in-mates of the Celebrity Big Brother thing. I said *Celebrity* Big Brother. Celebrity? I don't know if the guy has done anything ever since he released "Green man"shortly after Take That split. Also, according to the pictures of him I found on the CBB site, I'm afraid he's not improved. Somebody please give him a bottle of shampoo...

On top of that, on PopBitch I found out that Gary Barlow (aka cross-sighted, fat bloke off Take That. Yes, the one with a boring voice. Him in person.) has a Star Wars stormtrooper costume in his house.

No comment.

I also discovered we're not alone. The British too have a "Fame Academy" (ours is called "Saranno famosi"...and no, I'm not linking either of them, c'mon, that would be far too much.). My deepest condolance, really. As we say over here, "mal comune, mezzo gaudio" (wouldn't know how to translate that properly - "common harm makes a rejoice"? Uhm...doesn't sound quite right...oh, whatever.).

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Uploaded a new page in my webby: that's the photos page, where you can find six (for the moment - I'm too lazy these days to scan and upload more...) pictures of averagely famous people...

Monday, November 18, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.46

1. When I was a teenager, I used to ride all the "spin-y" rides at the fair and fun parks. I'd never get dizzy or sick, and I could ride them all day. My favorite was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Now I should call it the "Tilt-A-Hurl" because it seems I can't even get on a Merry-Go-Round without feeling queasy. Is there anything you used to be able to do physically that you no longer can? What changed?
Can't think of anything, actually...I used to feel sick on a merry-go-round at four, and I guess I'd feel sick all the same if I should hop on one nowadays!!! :-P

2. If you could go to lunch with someone famous, anyone living or dead, who would you choose? What questions would you ask them?
Uhm...this is a difficult question, as there are a lot of "famous" people I'd like to ask questions to...I'd ask Antoni Gaudì what was he thinking of when he was crossing the road and didn't notice a trolley car coming and killing him?? :-D

3. On that same thought, there are probably several Bloggers you enjoy reading but have never met in real life. Which one Blogger would you most like to meet for dinner? Why did you pick that person? What would you talk about? What do you have in common? What would you do after dinner?
Only one? I really can't pick up only one person, as I've bumped into a few ones I'd really like to meet, so how about an imaginary meetup - have all dinner out? Can't name them all, as the list would be far too long, but of course, Promo has to be of the party, as he's a very nice person. Then we need Davezilla to entertain us, he's really one of the funniest people I've ever bumped into. Of course, If Davezilla's coming, Natalie has to be there as well, not just cos she's Zilla's better half, but also cos she seems a really nice person, and a bit of cuteness at the party can't be a bad thing, either. Nit is cute as well, and from Singapore, so that we'll have somebody from the far east. We need Gert with us, for a touch of Britishness, the nice side of that, actually. And Alf, cos I can't be the only Italian there, I'd feel left out!!! :)

4. Money (or the lack thereof) is the number one cause of arguments amongst couples. Do you find this to be true? If there really was a "Money Tree" you could go an pick, would this really solve a couple's problems?
Yes, it's cause of arguments among couples, and no, I don't think picking at a money tree would solve everybody's problems - there are things money can't buy (for instance, "can't buy me love", as the Beatles would've sung...).

5. Speaking of arguments, have you ever been drawn into any nasty, hateful arguments? The kind where hurtful things were said that had nothing to do with the fight at hand? What was that all about? How did it turn out?
Yup, and I really didn't like that, also cos I was friends with both people ivolved in the argument, so it was pretty hurtful (and I'm just speaking for myself, and I wasn't neither cause nor part of the argument, had just been drawn in it somehow) - and, well, it ended up in a divorce.

6. When was the last time you had to admit you were wrong about something? How did that go?
I'm never wrong!! :-P
No, seriously, I think last time's been when I realised I have to change my advisor for the grad project. I thought the person I'd chosen was reliable, and I was bloody wrong!!!

7. Now for a slight change of theme....what song should never have been written?
That darn "Ketchup song" that kept annoying me all Summer!! Aaaaaargh!!!

BONUS: Are you ready for a new sensation?

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Somebody got here Google searching for HAMBURGER CHAIN IN SWEDEN...(see 15th Nov post...). Baffles me, really.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

I was thinking the exact thing this morning, after seeing an episode of "Law & Order", and it gets on my nerves each time my mate Richard mentions that...then I also read StefanSia's blog: why do non-Italians think well of Italy and not so well of Italians? Why do they all think that Italian=mafioso? Do they think all Italians are like the ones pictured in The Sopranos? Richard evidently thinks so, as he keeps quoting to me phrases off that tv series each time we chat on MSN, anf each time I fail to notice what's so funny in that...I mean, I genuinely don't understand the humour, why do foreigners think a mafioso family saga is funny? Mafia people are killers, drug dealers, _nice_ people like that...I know it's just a cliché, and it goes together with pizza and spaghetti and mandolin and whatever else, but it's frankly too do the British feel if I say they stink, *all* of them? Or how would the Polish like me saying they're *all* alcoholics? I hate stereotypes, and I frankly can't stand when showbiz makes big money slagging an entire population (or better, making people believe all the people from a certain contry are like that).

Friday, November 15, 2002

My theory for today is: Robbie Williams is turning into a pop James Dean Bradfield.

*mocks horror*

Question: Do we really deserve that?
Pig pile-up closes Japan highway
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese police have been forced to close part of a major Tokyo highway as they try to apprehend traumatised pigs fleeing the scene of an accident...

Customer fails to see the toilet humour
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A customer in an international hamburger chain outlet in western Sweden lost his appetite when he discovered the restaurant's toilet seats were being washed in its dishwasher alongside the kitchen utensils...

(and if rebel pigs and toliets seats aren't enough for you, weird cats and melting noses maybe will do...)

Thursday, November 14, 2002


LONDON (Reuters) - The makers of an Italian liqueur have pulled a novel advertising campaign which involved wafting the scent of almonds around London Underground stations after fears that the sweet aroma might be confused with cyanide.
The 1.5 million pound ($2.4 million) wheeze used metal boxes full of almond oils which were positioned at the bottom of escalators in three major stations. Fans in each box spread the scent around with the idea of prompting travelers to associate it with the aroma of Disaronno amaretto liqueur. Advertising posters all the way up the side wall of the escalators aimed to help them make the connection. Unfortunately, as amateur sleuths and readers of Agatha Christie know, almonds smell like cyanide -- not a great selling point at a time of heightened terrorist alert.
[doh!] This week, only three days after the scheme began, the British distributors of the drink withdrew it. "In the light of the current security situation ... we would under no circumstances want any Disaronno activity to be the cause of any concern," brand manager, Jon Evans, said.

My question is: what if they had to advertise canned beans?

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd like a new advisor for my graduation thesis...

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

There's a war going on...and no, I'm not talking about Saddam vs. UN, that's a nasty war.

It's a funny one I'm talking about.

It's Davezilla versus RedCricket (for the par condicio rule, I must link both of them here - that's what non-Italians call politically-correctness, I reckon...oh, whatever.).

Needless to say, I'm a Davezillette (Do you see RedCricket linked in my blogroll? Exactly. Go Davezilla! etc. etc.), but I must admit I have absolutely no clue of what's exactly going on between the two of them (maybe I got lost somewhere in the Summertime, when I was cast away from the net and couldn't get my daily dose of Davezillism - that's better than Pr0zac...wait a minute, and what if reading Davezilla actually was the cure for depression? All shrinks should prescribe that!), when it all started, why it all started, but, until the thing develops the way it has until now, it's just a funny image slashing that won't hurt anybody. Lots of laughing, I hope on both sides, as I reckon both of them have a decent sense of humour...only Davezilla also knows how to make other people smile and doesn't keep the humour all for himself, that's it.

If only real wars were like this one...
Here you can see my contribution to the "Terry Gilliam Project", created by Flea on can see all the pages of the booklet starting from here.

(Sorry, dunno how to make *small* popup windows, one day I'll learn, I promise.)

Also, here, you can see me talking on the mobile to I can't remember who.

(Just testing my account. God bless 'em.)

Monday, November 11, 2002

Added an awful pic of my silly face on the about page. Just tell me if it's too disgusting, I'll take it off the page immediately. Ta.

(p.s.: this meaningless blog hit 3500 visits. I'm amazed.)

Sunday, November 10, 2002

(rough English translation of a mega-rant against Windows XP I wrote on my Italian blog...)

Once upon a time, there was good old Windows 98, which, even tho had a lot of bugs, wasn't that bad. AutoCAD 2000 used to run smoothly in it. 3D Studio max 4.2 (I mean, *4-point-sodding-2*, not crumbles...) happily sparkled through its pixels, when I had Windoze 98.
Now, after my pc went in a coma a couple of months ago, and after the whole HD was finally declared dead and its corpse extracted from the tower, they installed in my pc a brand new OS: bloody Windows XP.
Let's not talk about the fact that it looks like a tamagotchi, with rounded buttons like a videogame for four year olds, as the main problem, at least for me, is that 3D Studio Max 4.2 doesn't work with Win XP. Nor does release 4.0 of the same software. Nor release 3.5.
What am I going to do?, I think...
I ring the technician, i.e. those morons who allegedly repaired my pc and installed a new OS.
me: "Hello, it's me, the one with a pc in a coma, remember me? You installed on my pc a copy of Windoze XP Professional (*professional*?? where?? when???), but - Houston we've got a problem, 3D Studio Max doesn't work. No 3D Studio, no party...
technician: "really?"
me: "yeppers, and the thing is I really need that programme [I really can't work on my thesis without that, I mean, I could do that with a pen and an inkpot full of my own blood, but it would take me, like, three years?]
technician: [who, pretty clearly, was just about to suggest me to try and do without 3D Studio in my life...] "Ah."
me: "could it be that, maybe, if I take my pc back to you, you can do something like split the HD in two and install another OS?"
technician: "..."
me: "I mean, 20 GB for XP and 20 GB for 98? Eh?"
technician: "...well, uhm...I dunno if that's worth the would be such a mess..." [I translated the latter into, "hey, w00t? I dunno if I'm actually able to do that, me, doh..."]
me: "Well, I asked other people who had the same problem with XP, and they did so, they split the HD in two..."
technician: "huh, dunno, it's a mess...tho we have 3D Studio installed on one of our pcs that runs XP..."
me: "really? which release?"
technician: "dunno, hang on I'll check..."
[insert several minutes of dumb wait music, even tho calling it *music* is quite too much...]
technician: "hello? I think it's v. 2.5..." [I *think*?!?]
me: [hyperventilating, almost collapsing] "...2.5?!?...right...then, could you please install that on my pc as well? [where the heck could I go and get version 2.5 of that programme? 2.5 means it was released, like, around 4th century BC...]
technician: "nope, we don't have it.."
me: "...right...well...thanks..." [chuh! they don't have it...and how did they install that on their pc, then? did the Holy Ghost help them in that??]
technician: "you're welcome!"
Luckily, I've got the habit of not throwing *everything* away, so I somehow found a cd with 3D Studio Max v.3.0 (released in 1999), which, apparently, seems to work, so far...I'll do with this one, I guess. Who cares. But, heck, I wonder why an OS released in 2002 can't bear a programme that used to run perfectly in the 1998 version of the same OS!!!
As my friend Darren once told me (actually, wrote me, but the concept is the same), "distrust technology"...

Saturday, November 09, 2002

My other blog's server is down, and I don't even know why.
Very annoying.
Especially since I'd just posted a rant about Windows XP being crap...

Thursday, November 07, 2002

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.44 (on a Thursday cos I'm lame.):

1. Have you ever had to appear in court? What was the reason? How did it turn out?
I haven't. I'm a good girl. :)

2. Ever been accused of something you never did? Were you able to convince anyone?
A lot of times. Lately, somebody accused me of being pretentious and a sad little prat, just cos, after they asked me what I was doing in my off-line life, I replied to them I'm graduating in architecture and I'm collaborating with uni professors' projects as well. I tried to explain them that no, I wasn't being pretentious, had just answered their question, but it didn't seem to work. As I easily lose interest for people who don't get quickly what I'm trying to say (I wouldn't be a good teacher, and, luckily for students, I'm aware of that!!), I ended up ignoring their accusations, as there's no point in explaining things that need not to be explained, is there? :)

3. When it comes to crime and punishment, do you agree with the saying "An eye for an eye?"
No. Murder for a murder, you won't get the person who was murdered first back. Two wrongs don't make a right, as wise people use to say.

4. Are you a judgemental person? Do you ever make up your mind about a person before you know them? When was the last time that happened? Or if not, how do you keep from being judgemental?
I'm not judemental person at first sight. I mean, it's not I look at somebody and decide they're evil or something, but I tend to become judgemental after a while I know somebody, sort of labeling them as "good" and "bad" people. No need to say the labeling isn't irreversible, it all depends on how people behave.

5. When I was in 6th grade I lit a match in class accidentally and was given the choice of having my folks called or getting 10 "swats." I took swats and damn, that wooden paddle with the holes drilled in it hurt like hell (not to mention the horible whistling sound it made before impact). I don't think they allow "swats" anymore. Ever get "swats" at school? How do you feel about children being spanked in school. Is it best that they don't do that anymore? How about parents spanking kids? Good or bad?
Never got any swats when at school, and I don't think I've ever been terrible enough to cause my parents spanking me!! :) I don't know, really, I'm against violence overall, then again I really wished somebody would've spanked my sister when she was 3 and had the lovely hobby of biting me every time she got too close... :-P

6. What is your favorite "Chick Flick?"
Don't have a favourite-favourite one, depends on my mood.

7. Describe the last situation you were in that can best be summed up by the phrase "seemed like a good idea at the time?"
Going to London to see Manic Street preachers with my then friend Mark. Then it all started to go wrong (his bloody fault.), and now we're on non-speaking terms. There's much else to say, but, as I'm not the only person involved in all this, I can't. Wouldn't be fair on other people.

BONUS: Who will bury us when we die?
The gravedigger. :-P

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Uhm...apart from cutting and pasting news from my country, I haven't been blooging much in English, lately.
Not that a lot of people have noticed, I supposed, I don't have that much of a traffic, still the odd couple of people happening to read this every three or four weeks might want to read something new...
I'm pretty busy these days - basically trying to work on my grad project, *and* on some books reviews for a professor of mine - all architecture and design books, one of these days they'll be up on his site and I'll post the link here.
What else...not much, really. I tend to focus on my project quite a lot these days, I guess that's for good anyway, isn't it?
I'll keep you posted, I promise. :)

Monday, November 04, 2002

This Country’s been kidnapped by (un)natural events.
Mount Etna blubbing lava first (Catania is all covered in black).
Then bloody earthquake in central Italy, 26 kids and 3 adults killed by it.
In all this, life went on, somehow. All the schtoopid TV shows are still being telecast, with the excuse they’re trying to raise funds for victims’ families, so you may happen to bump into just-out-of-hairdressers TV presenters and showgirls with a long face telling you they’re so distraught cos of what happened that they decided to go on with normal service to show they care. Knowing that those people get quite a few thousands $$$ each second they’re onscreen, I wonder if it wouldn’t be much better if they gave what they earn in a single day, blank out the show just for once and telecast something old, or the news, or nothing at all, as, well, most people, included me, didn’t really feel like watching meaningless TV shows where people sing boring songs claiming to do that “for the victims”.
Doing that for your own pockets, more like.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Residents Evacuate From Italian Town

SAN GIULIANO DI PUGLIA, Italy (AP) - Residents of this remote southern village spent the night huddled in blankets in a tent city, fearing aftershocks from an earthquake that leveled a school and killed 29 people, almost all of them children. (read more)