Thursday, May 30, 2002

This is one of the most amusing places I ever found on the net. Oh, yes, I know I said I would've posted links on the other page, but still, this is worthy linking from here!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Well, as I already commented to a post on Jen's blog (she's not the most friendly and welcoming person I ever bumped into, anyways. Very little sense of humour. [And please note I typed that correctly...humOUr...;-P] Just my opinion.), Dubya Bush was here. I mean, he arrived yesterday, and messed up the whole town both yesterday and today. As if we actually needed him to do that...we also had the anti-globalisation protesters in town...go figure. No, I mean, seriously, imagine a whole town paralysed cos of a foreigner president who wants to have a chat with the Pope at a peak-hour on one side and "anti-mcdonalds-down-with-logos-naomi-klein-for-president" chaps on the other...aaaaaaaargh!!!!!! Took me AGES to get back home from university!!! There were traffic jams everywhere, and the darn NATO meeting was supposed to be held right *outside* Rome, so that normal people's lives wouldn't have suffered from that...but nooooooooo, he just *had* to see the Pope to tell him he's oh so worried cos of the paedophile priests scandal... Ha! Now I really feel better, knowing Dubya is worried about that. No, really. I do. Why don't you believe me? I do. Seriously. Ok, I can see why you're pissing your sides, but please stop, as I'm still recovering from a 3+ hours long journey from uni to home (whereas it usually only takes me about 50, where did my afternoon go?)...
And yes, as someone already pointed out, the doubt that Americans actually send the chimp abroad cos the less they see of him over there, the better they feel, really crossed my mind...I just wish they hadn't airforceoned him here, tho...anywhere else, that's fine, I understand you don't wanna see his daft face, but neither do we!!! :-P
I'm almost famous...(with many thanks to the Pet Shop're always on my mind...well, not really!! ;-P)

Sunday, May 26, 2002

I just *hate* it when life is nothing more than a sequence of emotional fuck-ups. Heh, suppose I'm not the only one in the club. Still, when I think about that for more than 3 seconds, I also start thinking about the times I should've told people to eff off instead of asking myself where did *I* do wrong. It just ISN'T possible everything that happens is *always* my fault and nobody else's. It just cannot be, even if only for a statistic matter. I can't be the cause of the woes of the entire globe. Ok, some of them, maybe, but not ALL of them. Take your own responsibilities, mates, as I'M. REALLY. FED. UP. WITH. YOU. ALL.

Think I'm going play my piano for an hour or two.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

ok, remember I said I couldn't remember when was the exact day I had to deliver a pizza? right, it was yesterday and I missed it.


Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Fox Mulder was right. "Trust no-one".

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Oks, I've decided to split this site in two.

Here I'll post all the nonsense links, tests, babbling coming from the web.

And here I'll go on posting stuff about my non-relevant life.

How's that for a waste of time?
who the heck knows what happened to my blog...I go to the page and it just says "page not found"...ok, if you're reading this, then problem solved!! :)


oh, what a headache!!!

Monday, May 20, 2002

Blogger Insider questions from tuesday (and my answers):

1. Why pink for your blog?

as Steve Tyler would say, "pink is my favourite colour" (uhm...actually I reckon he'd say "pink is my favOrite colOr"...)...well, not really, actually I like purple much better, if I must tell the truth, in fact my blog was once purple-ish, but it looked weird and dark, so I switched it to pink, as it seems a more, er..."joyous" colour, if that makes any sense.

2. What do you study at university? How long until you are finished? What degree will you have?

I'm studying architecture c/o the University of Rome. If things go smooth I'll be graduated by the end of the year, or at worst, at the beginning of 2003. And, of course, after my graduation I'll be an architect!!! Now how cool is that for a job? :)

3. Are you native born Italian? Have you lived in any other countries?

Yes, I am a native-born Italian. I don't know if I can count living in UK for a coupla months as actually "having lived abroad", also because I don't really feel "abroad" when I'm in UK, for some obscure reason...

4. Out of all the blogs that you read on a regular basis, who would you most like to meet in person? Why? What would you do?

I think I'd like to meet up with Nit as she sounds nice and down to earth, which are the things I like best in people. same applies to the mighty Firda!! I'd like to meet Davezilla to see if he can crack jokes in the split second or if he's only able to do so on the web. I know Gabriel doesn't like meeting people in 3D, so, as much as I care of him as a friend, I think I'll stick to chatting to him on yahoo messenger and via his website. :)

5. If given the chance (meaning free) would you travel to the International Space Station?

not really. why? cos I'm too funky!! :-P

6. Are you reading any book for leisure right now? What is it? If you aren't reading one now, what was the last book you read for leisure?

I finally picked up Joseph Heller's "Catch 22", I bought it last year in London but hadn't had the chance to read it until now. And, to tell the truth, I'm a little disappointed, people kept telling me what a grat book it was, and while I read on I keep thinking that it sounds to me as "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley meets "One flew over the cuckoo's nest", without being as good as neither of the two. Shame.

7. What is your favorite song right now.

Ooooh!!!!! I just lurve Remy Shand's "Take a message"!! never used to like Motown stuff...weird. :)

8. Were there questions you wanted to ask me but was afraid I would be offended?

Not really, I naturally tend not to even think of asking people questions that might offend them, at least not on purpose. I'm a non-belligerant person. On the other hand I found it pretty difficult to find questions of any kind to ask you, as it's really hard for me to ask questions to people I know nothing of, so I end up asking the odd silly ones!!

9. Have you visited the US? What was the biggest difference between the US and Italy? If you haven't visited, what do you think would be the biggest difference?

I've never been there. I guess the biggest difference would be the lack of roman, mediaeval, renaissance and baroque architecture!!

10. Do you think the president of the US is retarded?

well...he looks like a monkey, and he's not among my favourite people. As for him being retarded, maybe you'd better ask the Mensa Society, not me!!!

11. If you had to leave your home and move to, let's say Siberia, what would you miss the most (other than your friends and family)

I guess I'd miss my books and my piano.

12. Is Stephen Hawking not the creepiest guy in the world or what?

Oh, don't know much about the guy, apart from the fact that he's a brain trapped on a wheelchair...

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Now why the heck this page looks so weird today?? grrr.


I woke up at 9.30 this morning!!! that means waking late in my book!! LOL

Had a look around my room, all the crap from making the model for yesterday's exam was still there, all the cardboard, the plastic, the glue sticks and the super-attak tiny bottles, the wooden sticks I cut to make pillars, the glossy black and silver paper I used to make the floors...all the cut-outs spread on the floor, pieces of drawings, sketches (although not for my sweetheart the drunk...), print preview papers...everything. I decided it was time to purge my room, and so I did, so now it's all clean and shiny and I think there will be Dharma & Greg on in half an hour - hurrah!!!

Oh, and remembered that around this time of the year (although I fail to remember the exact day. grrrrrr. ageing.) I have a pizza to deliver...hehehehehee *wicked laughter* think you know but you have no idea...mwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

I can't stop listening to Remy Shand!!! HELP!!!

Friday, May 17, 2002

I passed another exam at uni today, I scored 27/30, but I'm not happy with that, at all. Given the fact that I worked for two and basically gave out my same score to the guy I was *supposed* to work with, that scumbag, I am really annoyed by all this. Also, some triplet of complete plonkers passed scoring 25/30 having done nothing all term. That's not fair!

Anyway, as Catia and Massimo told me, "f**k cares, one less!!! woo-hoo!!!" :-P

I'm going to see Zaha Hadid exhibition one of the next days, she's one of my fave architects (together with Santiago Calatrava, Antoni Gaudì and Toyo Ito, of course!!!), I'll be prolly going there with Sonia, Catia and Massimo and my cousin Simona, if she has time, as she's the only relative I have here in Rome, but we both are always so busy we never manage to meet up and have some fun time together.
BLASPHEMY!!!!! (and this is equally close to that, too!!!!)

(via Davezilla)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Davezilla has compiled the zillionth "what-women-mean-to-say-when-they-say-what-they-say" list...and it's counterpart for men, too. of coourse, all of the above, especially the men bit, has to be paired up with the already famous "manly tips for bachelor living".


Monday, May 13, 2002

There's a new blogger messing around in the cyberspace. His name's Graham Brontosaurus Reed. He's a hairmetalhead without the hair. Careful when/if going here. He's a carnivorous and bites.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

oh my...for the Blogger Insider thing I've got to annoy this fellow blogger this time...last time it was pretty difficult for me asking questions to Dan...
Btw, as I often get "fatal error" messages when using AutoCAD (although it happened more often with AutoCAD R14, while AutoCAD 2000 is much, much better...still unsure of AutoCAD 2002.), I was sort of relieved (well, not *really*, but still...) reading that I'm not the only one...
I woke up this morning (note to self: should stop quoting Alabama3 every time I start writing something...) and checked email, as last night the person-whom-I'm-supposed-to-work-for-Friday's-exam-with rang up telling he was going to send me a *.dwg file (and AutoCAD file, that is) he was working on, as he wanted me to check it before we print it for the exam.

Ok, I said, that's fine with me, as that's what's supposed to be when one works in a team (as if. ha!).

So, I started downloading this 2.5MB (zipped!) file...when my little 56k modem finished downloading the darn thing, I opened the file, unzipped it and sent it to the folder it has to be sent to...I then ran Autocad, and opened the file...only to discover that, 5 (FIVE) days before the exam, the bloody thing is still:

i) unfinished


ii) mostly wrong in the bits it was supposed to be finished.

Plus, ALL the work (although "work" is too big a word for that thing...) is done using only one layer (!!! I mean, it's 4 mega unzipped, and it' all on the same layer!!!!! aaaaaaaargh!!!!!) and using colours instead of either plot-styles (the easiest way: you make your own ply style, deciding a lineweight for each colour, and that's done), i.e. white for doors, cyan for glass...that would be ok, if he'd given the colours the right lineweight, but vould that be? Naaaaaaah! Of course not. the frickin' cyan is 0.4 thick...given that usually for glass one has to use the thinnest pen, which on AutoCAD is 0.09, you do the maths...

So, I'm going to spend a whole Sunday working to make right what somebody else did wrong. As if I had nothing else to do with my life.

No wonder I'm not that jolly today. Heh.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

I can't believe this!!!


Friday, May 10, 2002

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is the millionth visitor of!!!

I'm jealous.
AORTAL site of the, week? month? whatever: Sushi for beginners!!!

*** chatterbox ain't working today...not fair.
oh, look at this!

(Via Giles, who got the link via Graham...ain't it scary the two of them always get named and shamed together in here?)


***>>>the post that was here is no longer available due to, uhm...silly nosy people who shouldn't have read that, but instead have. my fault. sorry.<<<***

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Received from Erik Benson:

" Dear Friends from Nervousness and Ad Farm,

For reasons that I will explain below, I am offering to give you the entirety of and/or for free. If you would like to apply to receive either of these sites, please respond to this email with the following details in your application:

* Your Name and Email Address
* Programming languages you know, and the level of expertise you have in each
* A list of other projects you're involved in
* A quick explanation of why you want the site and what you plan to do with it

Ideally, candidates would have access to a dedicated server, and be knowledgeable in Perl and mySQL. You must have a proven record of successfully maintaining at least one large project in the past (doesn't have to be web-related), just so I know that you know what you're getting into.

Simple as that. If I give you the site, I will reserve the right to participate in its development on a minimal level, but I'm really looking for someone who is willing to adopt and really drive the direction of the site, and I would only really be there to answer questions about the old code, and offer feedback if desired.

The site (in both cases) includes:

* The domain name
* All scripts (perl)
* All text and images on the sites
* All user accounts (minus some information as privacy policy requires)

Now, the reasons:

Last week was one of the most difficult of my life. My brother-in-law passed away at the age of 20. It has woken me up to the realities of time passing, and I'd like to refocus my daily schedule to include things that are more in line with my long-term goals. Being offline is one of them. Being with my family and friends, and working on my novel, seem to be the most important things right now.

However, I don't want to lose everything that has been built up over the last year, which is why I'm really hoping someone will want to take on these sites. If not, they'll be shut down indefinitely, after letting it wind down for a while. I really don't want it to come down to that though, so please respond with questions or further ideas if you even have any interest in the project.

Erik Benson | Mockerybird

I really hope somebody picks up the nervousness mission, as it's a great site, would be a real shame if it died. :(

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

thanks to Nit for mentioning Spider-Man in her blog! now I know what to put on the pixel glass facade of the railway station I'm re-designing for next week's exam!!!!!
now, honestly.

what's the sodding point of blogging?

Monday, May 06, 2002

ok, let's see where to start...this morning, it was around 7am, as I was starting to work on my daily dose of uni stuff, I decided to check email also...let's not forget that Italy is one hour ahead of UK, therefore it was around 6am over messenger starts by itself as usual, cos I'm lame and can't be bothered to set it to get started only manually...and, surprise surprise, go guess who was there online? BRENT AND WINSTON.

the monitor of loafer number one (guess which one...) was supposed to be kaputt, but, heck, could he be kept away from the net for more than fifteen minutes? hell he could. so he managed to dig out his old, blurry monitor again, cos he *had* to go online, with the risk of becoming completely blind if staring at it for more than three seconds...oh, but life must be risky, right? that's why he spends most of his days sitting before a pc screen. how bold.

the other (ok, a hint: loafer number two is the one of the two who isn't balding. yet. cos as soon as the process of turning into the clone of loafer number one is completed, he'll look like a hairmetalhead-without-own-hair too - this is a warning.), first goes running up and down West Midlands like a madman pretending he's Radames Fiennes (while we all know in reality he's Winnie the Pooh masquerading as Dilbert...) and eating Marmite on very chewy German rye stuff cos it's oh so healthy, next thing he stays up glued to the net all night telling it's loafer number one's fault cos he keeps talking to him (while loafer number one claims it's loafer number two's...)...doh.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

ooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!! am I going to get rid of blogspot's annoying banner moving my stuff here?? mumble mumble...should learn and use MT, tho...although so many people do so, so why couldn't I?? be prepared, all this will happen sooner than you expect!!! :))) HURRAH!!!!! :)))))
How to waste some time...ok, given the fact on my pc I have LegoCad installed, you shouldn't be surprised...:-P

Saturday, May 04, 2002

Webbie's gone ALL PINK NOW!!! even from the splash page!!!!!! also, I've added the ::about:: and ::cast:: links on the side of this page...this means *NO MORE FRAMES*!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!! :)


Apparently Verisign is a bit of a fraud...Leslie Harpold's domain, for which she's been paying Verisign some nice money, has been resold by the lovely chappies to somebody else...that's what i call "a free market"...ha!

Thursday, May 02, 2002

there's this hilarious post on Davezilla...apparently, God is on sale at a cheap price...

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

We receive and publish...from The GeoCities Team:

"Scheduled Yahoo! GeoCities Downtime

Friday 5/17/02 9PM PST (GMT-7)

Dear Yahoo! GeoCities Member,

GeoCities will be performing scheduled maintenance starting Friday, May 17th, 2002 at 9:00 pm PST (GMT-7). Service will be restored the morning of Sunday, May 19th, 2002."

...and blah blah blah it went.

To cut a long story short, this means this whole site will be down this weekend.

Dunno if there will be any updates to the blog, of course it only depends on if something relevant happens, or if something uttery silly spreads to mind, the usual, really, but, being the blog the only page that's *not* on geocities, if anybody's interested, during the weekend you can read my babblings simply going to my blogger page.


btw, I've expired the credit on my mobile. AGAIN. Too many texts. No, honestly, these days I seem to communicate only by typed word...

Sad indeed.


oh, look...apparently, even satan can take a poo...