Monday, April 29, 2002

Monday Mission 2.17

1. When was the last time you pampered yourself?

i got a cappuchoc this afternoon, does that count as self-pampering?

2. When was the last time someone pampered you?


3. Describe the last time you recall really feeling loved (other than from children or pets).

er...pass. :(

4. Has your use of the computer ever caused any arguments? What's the story there?

ha! hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa!!!
mom: (yelling from kitchen) "giorgia, are you online??"
me: (asleep in bed) "..zzzzzzzzz........."
mom: (irrupting in my room AND yelling) "ARE YOU ONLINE??"
me: ""
mom: "the telephone makes the *usual* internet noise!!! you are online aren't you??"
me: "mom...i was sleeping..."
mom: "the phone's engaged, i cannot dial, you must be online!!! you're always on the computer blah blah blah (for about 3 minutes) blah blah i'm gonna crash that bloody computer one of these days!!!"
me: (exasperated) "look...the pc is turned off, so is the frickin' modem, the whole thing's plug is unplugged AND i was the heck do you think i can be online?? eh???"
mom: "but the telephone makes the internet noise!!! you must be!!"
me: (grabbing the cordless phone she is holding AND SWITCHING THE POWER ON) "look, *maybe* if you actually switch it on it's going to work..."
mom: (checking phone) ""
me: "grrrrrrrrrrr."

5. What's the most embarrassing thing your Mom ever did?

hahahahaaa hahaha ha hahahahaaa!!!!! she's done thousands, but first to spread to mind is when i was in high school, and she attended some poetry reading our teachers forced us to set up (grrrrr.) and told a friend of mine something along the lines of "wow that's amazing you can recite a poem in ancient greek by heart!!!"...he'd recited "Barbara" by Jacques Pré French.

6. I've met some adults who've never learned to swim, and others who never learned how to ride a bike.. Is there anything that you never learned as a child that you probably should have?

dance. i mean ballet dancing. i would've loved to become a ballerina. no, seriously. but the closest-to-home place only had basketball classes, so i ended up becoming a playmaker instead. heh.

7. I have no idea who said it (and I spent all of two minutes trying to research it), but "someone" once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Post an image that says more than words. Or instead, describe a picture you recall which touched your heart.

uhm, cannot think of any at the mo...will keep you posted if something comes to mind.

BONUS: What's love got to do with it?

dunno, go ask tina turner...

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Well, it seems romebean's notebook is stuck somewhere in Colorado. Apparently got there on 6th april, but never moved I dunno what to do. I contacted the girl who's got it, and she said she was going to put it in the post, but, until now, it's just AWOL, and am wondering if it ever left Colorado at *only* had to get to New York next step...:(

anyways, one nice link today for you: ROMA -O- MATIC, The internet guide to Rome!!!

and another one, as well, a winstonesque one: THIS simply *must* be linked from here!!! :) he hehehe hehehehe heeeheehe hee!!! or, in Zoe Ball's words, "WOOH!"!!!!!

also, it seems not all Brits puke at the thought of single far as I'm concerned, pounds are nice, cos when you think you're completely broke, you look in a random pocket and find out you've still got 5 or 6 pounds left, which soooooo nice, and also is what *always* happens to me when I'm in UK!!! although it now happens pretty much the same with the euro coin (and te 2 euros coin as well!!!), so there you go...

aaaaaaaaand...last nonsense of the day: apparently I'm a chocolate donut...see? everyhting falls into place...heh.

Find your inner donut.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Now...when I have my own place, i.e. a house, and no, doesn't need to be a detached one, yet with a lovely garden, I would like one of these in aforementioned garden.

Thank you.

Friday, April 26, 2002

This week my Monday Mission comes on...Friday. (and no, I'm not going to do the Friday Five thing.)

1. Ever had a love that you still think of as "the one that got away?" What's the story there?

Look, that ain't exactly the right question to ask somebody who constantly feels repulsive...

2. What was the last book that you finished reading cover-to-cover?

Simon Napier-Bell's "Black vinyl white powder" book, about British music industry, Giles sent that to me some time ago, and it's really brill (ok, commercial's over). Apart from that, these days I only happen to have time to read uni stuff...just bought a book about a baroque church in Rome (Santi Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso) I have to study for an exam...

3. Did you ever get up and walk out of a movie? Which one and why?

Actually no, since I don't go to the movies very often anyway, no a boring person.

4. If we were to go out dancing, what song would you want me to ask the DJ to play as I slipped him a $20?

Er...have no clue, I can't dance anyway!!

5. What was the coolest toy you had when you were a kid?

Ooooooh that has to be "the sheep". It has no name, it's just called "the sheep", I still have it, I used to go to sleep hugging "the sheep" and was happy. Then I grew up, and life became poo.

6. When was the last time you felt lonely?


7. Do you have any minor anal-retentive character traits?

Well............I'm paranoid. Enuff said.

BONUS: Can't you see what I mean ?

of course, dude.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

The Overclocking Store Forums present: Trubador new watercooling rig !!
ok, remember the guy who fried an eggusing his pc a coupla months back? this time he's done a cooling system for his fishtank...for the happy fish!!! :-P

Friday, April 19, 2002

Dan also replied to the questions i sent him for the blogger insider project...and spelt my name correctly - hurrah! :-P

Thursday, April 18, 2002

dan jones asked me these questions for the blogger insider project:

What, if any, nicknames do you have and where did they originate?

got a few - my favourite one is yahoo's "thinking_cauliflower" one, it's from a surreal phrase my computer class professor said last year, something along the lines of "students are like a field of cauliflowers"...i thought, well, i may be a cauliflower, but i'm definitely a thinking one! so there you go...
my "romebean" nickname comes from my mate mark, since i call him "brumbean" as he's from birmingham, he started calling me "romebean" as i'm from rome...silly.
my "richeymanic73" one has a dull explanation: i like the manic street preachers, richey was my favourite one off the band, 1973 is the year i was born. doh.

What differences do you see between European and American bloggers?

i mostly happen to bump in american and singapore blogs!!! i only know of three or four european blogs apart from impression is american bloggers are much more at ease with telling people about their lives, even little things of no importance (for readers - they're probably things of a huge relevance for them.), while most of the europeans, here including myself, just...rant!!!

What was the most tragic event in your life and how did it affect you?

cancer and severe depression, in my early, early 20's. the first caused the latter, and i really don't know which one was the worst experience. i don't like talking about that anyway, cos it's painful enough to see the scars (of the latter, especially. the first didn't leave me much of a physical scar, luckily enough.) which remind me of that every time i wear short sleeved tee shirts.

What was the happiest event in your life and how did it affect you?

surviving all of the above. oh, and my sister's birth many years before that, as well. i was pretty used and also happy with being an only child until i was 6 and a half, then she arrived and turned my little life into a mess. but i adore her. :)

If you were to have a movie made about your life and you had some creative control over the production of it, which actress would you have portray you in the movie and why?

uhm...let me think...probably julianna margulies - y'know, nurse hathaway off "ER"...why? cos we have the same hairdo!!! :) oh and rosy cheeks as well...:)

Same scenario, who would you have direct the movie and why?

whoever it was who directed "sliding doors" (can't remember who it was at the moment), cos i could recognise so many things that happened in my life in that movie, i think if he/she's been able to portrait that so well once, could do that a second time...

Of the signs of the Chinese and Western zodiac corresponding to your birthdate, which reported traits common to those signs do you really feel you possess? Which ones do you feel are traits you don’t possess?

i'm not very much into astrology, i know i'm a capricorn, and i have absolutely no idea of how the chinese horoscope works...anyways, once my mom asked a friend of hers to draw my astrological chart (?), and she gave the results to me, with the explanation of it (otherwise i really wouldn't have known what to make of it), and, amazingly, most of the things written in there were pretty accurate, like the fact that i'm a loner, that i'm keen on fine arts, stuff about health...i really don't know if that's cos he already knew a few things of my life, but i know most of them i'd never talked about to anybody, and they were there, ink on paper!

What city would you most and least like to live in and why?

i'd like to live in london, don't even know exactly why, but that's a place where i feel at home, strangely enough, since they say it's so alienating...on the other hand, i am thoroughly fed up with rome, living here's become hell, probably cos i've been living here for almost all my life...maybe i would like to come back here when i retire, who knows?

You seem to know a few people in Europe, how do your friends/family in Europe feel about someone putting their life and feelings on a website?

i don't really put much of their life and feelings in there, as of mine, of course. if i do it's just cos i love them. if they were annoyed and they told me so, i would avoid to do that, cos their friendship is more important to me than a website.

Do you feel there should be more web content in languages other than English and why?

well, i'm pro-english language. my first language isn't english, yet i made most of my website in english - cos that way more people would be able to read it, as what's the point of a public journal if nobody can understand what you say bar people from your country (and, maybe, not even them??)? if it's called *world* wide web there must be a reason, otherwise it would be called some other way...and i reckon nowadays most of the people can speak a decent enough english, so why not?

What is a list of your main goals to accomplish before you reach a specific age (an age that would be considered by you to be the end of a stage of life, say 30 or 40)?

well, i plan to finish all my uni exams this year and get my architecture degree asap, get a decent full-time job, move out of my parents'...things that people do when they're somewhat younger than me, but i'm grateful enough to be here and plan to do those things, even if i'm late. i can't complain, really.
anyways, i'd like to design stage scenes for at least an opera piéce or for either david sylvian's next tour or the manics' last one before i'm 40!!! :-P

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

AAAAAAAARGH!!! WHY WHY WHY??? DAVEZILLA'S NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!!!!! WHY IS IT 404??? AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!! NEED MY DAILY DOSE OF DAVEZILLISM!!!!!!!!!!!! A FIX!! A FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and...PromoGuy's kaputt as well, and my mobile's credit's over as well today, so i can't annoy Sonia, Richard, Winston, Claudia, Su, Mark, they're having a party to celebrate the event.


Feel really 'orrible today. Suffer from Bridget Jones' syndrome, and feel a repulsive version of Mary Poppins.


now this is funny: the universal church of the interactive network...

Monday, April 15, 2002 - Monday Mission 2.15

1. What caused your last case of psuedo-road rage?
professor changing course's subject from catamarans to motor yachts. it's a long story...

2. Tell me about one of your favorite television shows that was cancelled (past or present).
oh, that has to be 'the pretender' - luckily enough they're starting to telecast that again from next saturday, they got a lot of complaints from people cos they stopped telecasting that one more than a year ago...hurrah!!!!!!! :)))

3. Have you ever gone online and pretended to be someone else? What's the story there?
no. i only happened to help my sis chat with her friends a few times, she told me things and i typed them on the keyboard when she was really slow at typing :) now she's a tad quicker at that!!!

4. What was (is) one of your favorite Children's books?
pinocchio. and no, if you're wondering, it wasn't walt disney who invented that one...

5. Can you recommend a CD (tape or otherwise) for me to listen to on the drive home?
uhm...remy shand's 'the way i feel'. cool.

6. What is your online nickname and what is the story behind how you selected it?
which one?? :)
i've got a few...the one i like best is my 'thinking_cauliflower' account on yahoo, it all comes from a lesson off a computer class from last year...

7. Ever been bitten or stung before (snake, wasp, dog, etc)?
always by insects, i've got sweet blood...

BONUS: Does anybody love anybody anyway?
i do... *blush*

Sunday, April 14, 2002


Some guy from Turin has invented a pizza machine, ie an automated machine like one of those we have at uni where you can get coffee, cappuccino, tea etc. in 30 seconds flat for 35 eurocents (ok, not exactly the same taste as homemade mocha coffee or an espresso or a cappuccino from the bar, yet it's pretty useful, especially when you have to keep yourself awake and alert all day for classes and you don't even have a 10 minutes break between them to exit the building, cross the road and get a decent cappuchoc [© Sonia 2002...:-P] at the bar...)...anyways, was saying, this pizza machine will allegedly 'produce' a pizza in 90 seconds (dunno the details, but I assume there are frozen pizzas in the machine and some microwave oven to defrost them and turn them into freshly baked pizzas lookalikes...) for only 3.50 euro...may sound an excellent deal to the average chicken kebab consumer (...hint-hint...) but for us natural born pizza-eaters sounds just nonsense. One thing is a cup of coffee, automated distributors are ok for them, but pizza...this is blasphemy!!!!!!!

Surely the invention will be utterly successful outside Italy. Good luck, Signor Demaggio...


Woke up this morning with this Pet Shop Boys song in my head...never been a's getting scary...I think I also had a nightmare involving Neil Tennant last night, although I really can't remember the plot. Anyways, this is the reason why my blog's got a new head title.

(note for myself: must remember not to have mom's special melenzane for dinner again.)


Watched Fiorello's show last night, was hilarious. At some point Liza Minnelli turned up and sang a special version of 'New York, New York'...dedicated to Fiorello's hometown in Sicily...'Augusta, Augusta'...
Shame that all foreigners know of Italy is pizza and mafia. We've got nice people who even happened to take part to Oscar winning flicks...but if I ask around, nobody outside Italy remembers Fiorello singing 'Tu vuò fà l'americano' with Matt Damon in that movie..."I've never seen somebody that famous, ever," says Damon. "More than Robin Williams walking down the street in Boston, this guy would walk down the street in Italy and grandmothers would be hanging out of their windows yelling, 'Fiorello! Fiorello!'".

Shame on you, gringos.

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Alex Baroni's death

Oks, probably this news won't mean a thing for non-Italian people, but this is my blog, therefore I have to blog about stuff I know, as simple as that...

Alex Baroni was a pop singer, not one of those extremely famous therefore nasty and spoilt ones, yet popular especially among the Italian melodic music fans. The kind of music that they play during the Festival di Sanremo, if anybody knows what I'm talking about. Last 19th March he was involved in a car crash - actually he was riding his morotbike - here in Rome, and has been in a coma ever since. Today doctors declared him officially dead.

It is sad. He was a nice chap, from what I know, in his 30s. Some years back he was dating another popular Italian singer who's called like me. I don't know much else, never been a fan or anything, still I find the news so very sad, really. I'm genuinely sorry. Also, car crashes are such a stupid way to die, if you ask me. They're completely human beings' fault, what's so difficult in driving carefully?

(aside - Winston, could you please avoid mentioning to me car crashes etc again in the future, as I'm scared to death by them. Thank you.)

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Apparently, Christina Aguilera could as well be a dog.

(via Mike)

Talking about animals, this article from reveals the truth - children cannot identify animals nowadays...but do try and ask them who is Pikachu...they're "more likely to remember names like pikachu, metapod, muk and wigglytuff than mouse, otter, beetle and oak tree.". Really sad.

Btw, I've been recently playing's dumb.

Monday, April 08, 2002

THE WWW FAN WEB PAGE FOR TUBCAT... my mate Mike sent over a message saying: "Can one of you guys look at this? I'm afraid to look.
mike" I went and clicked on the link....and....the fattest cat i've ever seen appeared on my screen!!!!!!
wonder if it's real?!?

Saturday, April 06, 2002

Let's talk about..."CHILDREN" SUPPORT??

Ok, this is going to be fun for all of you non-Italian people out there..."Italy's highest appeals court has decreed that fathers must carry on supporting adult children until they find a job to their liking."

In brief, some judge in Naples (that town famous for people driving like madmen...oh and for the invention of pizza, as well.) has ordered parents of a man in his 30s (and with a finished degree in law...) to financially support (700 euro per month!!!) their utterly lazy child cos, oh, he can't find a job he likes, poor dear...

"You cannot blame a young person, particularly from a well-off family, who refuses a job that does not fit his aspirations. [HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! see? we Italians are natural born comedians!!!!!!!!!] The parents have to pay for their upkeep," said the court...

The only good thing about this is that the "child"'s father is a former MP - this is God's punishment for him...hahahahaha!! *wicked laughter*...the man said "he was shocked by the decision. "I feel disgust for a country that I love. It wasn't always like this""...oh yes of course it was *much* better when he was in the government...

As if.

On another note - todays' AORTAL link:..this end down: eremite.
My thoughts about the "art of blogging" told by somebody else. :)
hurrah!!! finally managed to put a decent tag box on the right sidebar of this blog - ain't I fabulous?? ;-P

also, further updates: the blogmarks and the other babbling links are in a random order as usual, *only* I eventually managed to divide them in two categories...erm, ok, it's not much of an effort, but, hey, you can't expect me to turn into a ubergeek like my cousin Carlo and my other cousin Gabriele in three seconds - will take me a tad longer...I'm improving anyways. Someday...some day...I'll be able to build my own blog page without the help of

oks, off to see if there's something edible in the fridge, I reckon I should go out and buy groceries this afternoon....hrm, it's such a beautiful day, it's a shame I'll have to waste the afternoon going food-shopping...

Friday, April 05, 2002

You Are Edward From "Edward Scissorhands."

You are very shy and often misunderstood. Innocent, sweet, and artistic, you like to pass your days by daydreaming and expressing yourself through the arts. You are a truly unique individual. Unfortunately, you are quite lonely, and few people truly understand you.

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!

(online surveys/tests are made for shitty days...this one's not, there's a lovely sun out of that window, at last!!! :))

today's AORTAL link: G'Day Cobbers :: A digital journal - that's a journal by a photojournalist..."Some journeys with the camera in Africa, Australia, Japan and India. Coming soon." wow. :)

Thursday, April 04, 2002's editing and publishing thingy is down. again...thanks heavens i've got blogBuddy!!!!!! :))))))))))

anyways, this is not what i wanted to say...i've discovered blogging is so very close to me. i can't write everything i think, cos i'm afraid i could annoy/hurt people...and that's exactly the way i am offline, i'm always afraid of what i could say and its consequences...
I've spent the last few days constantly being mocked by a friend of mine, Richard, aka bevilastard...aka Rich...whatever. i told him something i was almost dying to tell someone and i ended up becoming the target of his jokes. not that annoys me, of course, cos i know he's a friend of mine, nevertheless that makes me think. in a few days i've discovered i am:
- too shy
- too much of a worrier
- a silly pudding (or, as somebody else would say, a daft dessert - which is the same.)
- generally too bothered by other people and worried they don't take me seriously.

now, i'm stuck in a stupid situation and i don't know how to get out of there (slight variation on U2 theme...)...and, further proof i'm all of the above, i'm not going to post what i'm babbling on about in here.


Beyond the case mod, way beyond...
G-News presents: Neuhausplatz 200NC, "look ma, no case"!!!

(via Giles)

Wednesday, April 03, 2002


"Be a winner with bogger™ and Elvis Presley™ Have you ever heard the urban legend that Elvis died on the can? Wouldn't you like to know more about it? Maybe investigate what the King had been eating beforehand? Well now thanks to our Turd-sculpture competition you can! Up for grabs for your mucky little hands is one of the King's very own little piles of crap all for you and your little coprophilous perversities. Competition details will be announced soon here on
- D. [3/26/2002 11:34:19 AM]"

ha! haha hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFL

(courtesy of

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Dudley Moore's death

I guess people (here including my mom) have been more affected (so to speak) by the Queen Mom's death. Maybe cos I'm not British, therefore, even though it's always sad when somebody dies, instead of crying for her I can't help thinking she'd lived her life - she was almost 102 (my almost 93 year old grandpa's a toddler in comparison), I'm much more sorry for Dudley Moore's death. Funny bloke indeed. Also, he used to play the piano marvellously!!! And, btw, frickin' Italian news reports didn't mention that at all.
Why a Palestinian girl now wants to be a suicide bomber

Shireen Oudeh, 14 years old, a delicate gold chain hanging over the collar of her beige turtleneck, doesn't bridle at the label. "If Sharon is calling us terrorists," she says, referring to Israel's prime minister, "we should show him the terror."
Would she herself become a suicide bomber? "If God wills it," she says in a low, serious voice. "If I had the means, I would have done it yesterday."

now this is sad.

please stop the world, i wanna get off.
Yahoo's 'Opt-Out' Angers Users>

Internet portal Yahoo may want to think about changing its advertising slogan from "Do You Yahoo?" to "You DO Yahoo."
In e-mail messages that began going out last week, Yahoo advised its users that their account preferences had been changed, by Yahoo, to indicate that they wanted to receive advertising solicitations through spam, snail mail and telephone.
Yahoo has also added users' home addresses and phonen numbers to their "Yahoo ID" profiles.
Predictably to everyone but perhaps Yahoo, user reaction to that e-mail has been less than positive.
Marketing and privacy experts predict that Yahoo's action will have a widespread and detrimental effect on all electronic sales and services, due to increasing privacy concerns.
"It's a tragedy when the actions of an individual company force people to conclude that all e-marketers are a bunch of pushy, disrespectful scumbags," said Jason Catlett, of Junkbusters, a direct marketing information site. "People may simply decide that the
problems inherent in shopping online aren't worth the benefits."
Yahoo's action may also cause more than a dip in online marketing and sales. Legal experts said the company may have left itself open for a class-action lawsuit.
Yahoo reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy policy at any time, an option that typically appears in most privacy policies. But legal experts believe that despite the careful wording, class-action suits may soon force companies to handle collected data according to the terms of the policy that was in effect at the time the data was collected.
Last Thursday, online marketing firm DoubleClick agreed as part of a settlement offer in federal court that "an Internet user's online data collected by DoubleClick under one version of its privacy policy will not be used in a manner materially inconsistent with that privacy policy, unless DoubleClick has that Internet user's permission to do otherwise."
"It seems if someone acts in reliance on a policy, which attracted business for the profit of Yahoo, they should be able to hold Yahoo to that policy," Manhattan attorney Edward Hayes said. "I believe we'll start seeing more lawsuits when companies decide to change their policies in midstream. The DoubleClick case could set the precedent."
Information about the changes to Yahoo users' preference settings is tucked in an e-mail from Yahoo that begins with the statement: "Your privacy is very important to us."
The "new" preferences will not go into effect for 60 days, giving users a chance to reset their preferences to "No," before they begin getting marketing solicitations, a Yahoo spokesman said.
Yahoo IDs are required for use of some of Yahoo's services. To sign up for an ID, users only need to provide a user name, password and e-mail address.
Many users said they deliberately did not supply their home addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information when they signed up for their IDs, but later gave that information to Yahoo-affiliated merchants. That contact information was seemingly added to their Yahoo ID profiles, and then marked "Yes" by Yahoo for receiving mail and phone solicitations.
A Yahoo spokesperson said that ID information is collected across Yahoo's system to make it easier for people to purchase goods, sign on for services, and perform other activities. Information about Yahoo data collection is outlined in Yahoo's privacy policy.
But privacy experts pointed out that Yahoo's mixed bag of commercial and non-commercial services may have logically led users to thinking that information they provided for logging onto a mailing list would not be correlated with information later provided to a merchant.
"That is a basic principle of privacy that information collected for one purpose must not be used for another purpose without permission," Catlett said. "Users have a right to assume that information collected by one merchant will not be merged with information collected for participation in a mailing list."
Yahoo users who want to edit their Yahoo ID preferences should go to Yahoo's profile center and select "Edit your marketing preferences" from the Member Information section.
Catlett advised users to make a note of that URL, pointing out that according to its terms of service Yahoo reserves the right to change user preferences at any time.

(via Graham) Enneagram Test Results

type score summary
5 20 Fives are basically on some level estranged from the rest of the world, consequently, their mind is usually their best friend. They like to analyze things and make sense of them (that is their anchor), this makes them great inventors and philosophers. The immense inner world of fives can cause them to lose touch or interest in reality.
1 19 Ones are idealistic perfectionists. They are rooted in morals and ethics. They live with an overbearing internal critic that never rests. They can be very judgemental and don't understand how most people can be such slackers. Other people don't understand why they are so uptight.
6 17 Sixes are defined by anxiety. They are gifted in their ability to see the dark and light sides of life (and of people and situations around them). This insight into possible outcomes makes them useful planners. However since they are never sure what will prevail they are always on edge and cling to predictable structures/systems for peace of mind.
3 16 Threes derive self worth from success in the external world. They are highly skilled at adapting themselves in whatever way necessary to achieve success. This external success driven image often comes at a price of having a personal identity and they may lose site of who they really are.
8 15 Eights are natural leaders. They are straight forward, direct, large personalities, that are unlikely to back down to adversity. They have a talent for motivating others. They have a strong sense of justice and are often protectors of the weak. However, they also have short fuses and can become domineering tyrants.
2 14 Twos are defined by their empathy of other people. They are uniquely gifted at tuning in on the feelings of others. This makes them great networkers. They feed on their connection to others, love of friends and family. However being too caught up with other people can drain them, and cause them to lose track of their own personal well being.
4 14 Fours are all about being unique and creating their own distinct culture. They experience the highs and lows of life more intensely than other types. This makes them great creative forces (artists, writers, filmmakers). Fours often feel like misplaced children, and they long for a sense of real family.
7 13 Sevens are optimistic thrill seekers that see life as an adventure. They are always thinking of new possibilies and adventures. This constant zest for life is often just escapism. Once things lose there fun they are no longer interested, so many projects go unfinished. Essentially, they avoid the difficulties of life because they fear being overwhelmed by them.
9 12 Nines are open minded optimists. They are able to see everyones point of view, and have a natural desire for making peace. Consequently, they are effective mediators. They often live by the 'go along to get along' creed. However their openess to other people can cause them to lose site of themselves and their own happiness.

Traditionally, the personality type you score highest on is considered your Enneagram type, so you are a:

take free enneagram test


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

Monday Mission 2.13 (ok, I know it's already Tuesday.......)

1. When was the last time you wanted someone to take you seriously but they just humored you?

anytime. hrm. and, btw, it's humoUred...

2. If you were going to get a vanity license plate for your car, what would it say? (Or if you already have one, what does it say?)

mom's car has an old license says ROMA 14344 F - the fact that it's written 'Roma' on it is already silly enough, I guess!!!!! nowadays we get ugly licence plates with random letters and numbers...I don't think we can get vanity ones, but if I could (and if I had my own car) I'd get one saying 'romebean'!!! (not really...)

3. What was written in the sweetest love note you were ever given? What's the story there?

nothing. apparently I've only been dating illiterates. let's talk about something else, shall we? or you're planning to make me feel even more miserable today?

4. What is your ethnic background?

again? wot's this thing everybody's so fussed about people's ethnic background these days? wanna know if I'm a taliban? I'm not. I'm a white Italian, my family comes from the southern part of Italy, I've been raised a catholic, yes I did go to Easter service if you're wondering...not much else to say about my ethnicity I guess....have no clue.

5. What, if any, is your personal exercise routine?

these days none. I used to go running early in the morning, but lately things are so busy I the morning I try and sleep as much as I can cos I already know the day's workload will be heavy enough for me!!!

6. Have you ever had any "one night stands?" How did that come about and how did you feel the next day?

nope - cos I already know how would I feel the next day, thankyouverymuch.

7. What is your fondest Easter memory?

eating chocolate eggs.

BONUS: Who am I to disagree?

you are wrong anyway.

Monday, April 01, 2002

today's AORTAL link: Butterflies are free: A journal.
that's neat.
Congratulations, you are FONT

You're the FONT tag- some people ignore you, some people adore you. When you like someone, you like them a lot, but when you don't like them- watch out.

know what? can't be bothered to compile last friday's 'friday five', cos it's already monday, plus...i'm not too fussed. am still on holiday, me!!! :)))))
'ewwo 'ewwo!!!

just got back from middle of nowhere (that's a place called Eboli, south Italy....go and find that on a map if you can...)...went there for erm Easter holidays...hrm. loads of relatives, fambly meals turning into political diartibes etc....the usual, really.

oh, anyways...BELATED HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! :))))
Thu 28 Mar 2002 11:48 FEET "NOT RICHEY'S"

Gwent police have this morning established that the human feet found near the River Severn do not belong to former Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards.

As previously reported on dotmusic, a local fisherman made the "gruesome" discovery last weekend near the village of Sudbrook.

He alerted police after unearthing the feet, which were inside size eight, blue and white Diadora trainers.

Welsh police have since contacted the families of a number of missing persons, including relatives of Edwards who was last seen in February 1995.

His last known location is thought to have been the Severn Bridge, after his car was discovered abandoned at a nearby garage two weeks after he disappeared.

However, police revealed this morning that the trainers were first manufactured in 2001, ruling out any possible link between the discovery and the disappearance of Richey.

Detective Sergeant Dave Edwards explained: "We have recently spoken to Diadora who have confirmed that the trainers were manufactured and distributed in 2001."

"This new information has obviously helped the enquiry enormously and we've been able to rule out a number of reported missing persons, including Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers."

The trainers and human remains have been sent to pathologists for analysis and police are awaiting the results.

Meanwhile, the search for the rest of the body continues.