Saturday, December 22, 2001

i'm old.
(not really)
off to my parents, see y'all next year, bye bye!!!

Monday, December 10, 2001

i'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been ages at the pooter today - just to discover *my* bit of work was okay, and *some other person i won't mention here* [*]'s bit was totally bleurgh, so i've had to put it up with that as well...hrm...

[*} that's sonia, btw...


well, not really, but i'd rather face a design exam by myself than have to deal with morons...

(and so she ended up working with sonia until the end of her days...)


could somebody please give me a caterpillar machine, i wanna destroy the commerzbank tower in frankfurt!!! (erm...not really...i mean, just in my head...erm...i'm not a terrorist..!!!...ok, i *don't* want to destroy the commerzbank tower, but i'd be happier if sir norman foster would catch some diarrhoea some day or other...revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P)
oooh look, another anybody interested?

don't think so.

anyway, i don't care - hahaha!

dunno if this will disappoint anybody - it does disappoint me to a certain extent: this year i won't be sending over handmade christmas cards. i don't hear anybody sounding desperate about this, so i guess i can relax a little...erm...

oh, anyways, thought the manics' messageboards were the weirdest of all, scary teenagers et al, but it seems i was wrong...go and check the trophies' one, that's a david sylvian's messageboard, where ppl in their thirties behave like teenagers...